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Transformation Consulting

ARCUS Consulting takes businesses into new spheres and enables teams of all sizes with digitalization-strategies and custom-made implementations.

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Leveraging audiences

LIVIA bridges the gap between what can be measured online and customer behaviour in the real world.

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Realtime analytics
for the physical world.
On the path to realizing the full value of their data, businesses face many obstacles.
... of enterprises are struggling with how to manage and protect unstructured data.
Source: Forbes - The big unstructured data problem
... of enterprises make decisions without having complete information.
Source: Deloitte - Data Analytics im Mittelstand
... of enterprises say missing data is one of their main problem in decision-making.
Source: Deloitte - Data Analytics im Mittelstand

Improve your business with data-based decisions across all departments

Our comprehensive offering eliminates every gap. We connect all your channels, aggregate and organize information, and help you easily track and report success. This provides your teams with the intelligence they need to optimize strategies and create effective cross-channel experiences for every client.

Data collection & aggregation
Data processing
Structuring & organizing

Data Science

From ETL pipelines to automated forecasting through artificial intelligence, our data engineers will guide you on the path to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Robotic Process Automation

Support your teams by automating repetitive manual tasks across your supply chain. Fast and precise. We are sure there are more exciting tasks to do that require creativity.


Our team has years of experience and the necessary certifications to drive your digital transformation and integrate your tools and platforms into your ecosystem. From AWS to Salesforce.

Business Intelligence

Bring AI-powered insights to your analytics. Our powerful, intuitive dashboard makes it easy to track performance across all your campaigns and clients in real time.

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We take care of your data with our secure warehousing solutions

Arcus warehousing solution

We set up your warehousing infrastructure using the highest GDPR compliant security standards, with encryption throughout transmission and processing.

Existing infrastructure

We can also integrate our solution into your existing infrastructure, no matter what system you‘re using.


The benefits you need to scale your client base

Intelligent integration

Unify your marketing, sales, and data ecosystems with proprietary tools and services. Breakdown silos and make data management a breeze.

Seamless customer journeys

See how customers move through clients‘ pipelines, and discover the channels driving engagement to optimize every part of the customer journey.

World-class expertise

Get access to a team of experts who set up your initial configurations, monitor your systems, and work with you throughout the lifetime of your project.


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